We Celebrate our heroes

Join our community who are being rewarded for supporting thousands of amazing local businesses around worldwide.

Get the Gokroy Loyalty app

Using the Gokroy Loyalty app instead of our cards is not only more convenient, it also unlocks special features and benefits only available to app members.

Gokroy Loyalty app in android

Local points, rewards, mobile ordering & payment

Our members are enjoying the convenience of using a single Gokroy Loyalty membership to manage collecting points, redeeming rewards, ordering and making payment using their phone at their favourite local business.

Join our

Are you a local business owner? Learn how Gokroy Loyalty can help you to engage, retain and grow your customer base.

Learn how Gokroy Loyalty makes local business grow

Membership points & rewards

Goodbye fat wallet, one card or app for thousands of merchants.

Step 1

Grab a card or the Gokroy Loyalty app.

Step 2

Touch tablet to check in.

Step 3

Collect points & redeem rewards.

Mobile ordering & payments

Save time, order ahead with Gokroy Loyalty.

Load credit to your membership

Add funds in store or attach a credit card to your membership.

Order before you arrive

Use the Gokroy Loyalty app to order from your phone.

Save time, collect & go

No ordering, no payment, just pickup your order & go.

Let's see a little more of each other

We're a proudly independent Worldwide tech start-up and we're growing fast but you can help us grow faster. Tell us about an awesome local business in your area where you'd like to see Gokroy Loyalty and we'll get in touch to set them up.

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