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Using the Gokroy Loyalty app instead of our cards is not only more convenient, it also unlocks special features and benefits only available to app members.

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Local points, rewards, mobile ordering & payment

Our members are enjoying the convenience of using a single Gokroy Loyalty membership to manage collecting points, redeeming rewards, ordering and making payment using their phone at their favourite local business.

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Are you a local business owner? Learn how Gokroy Loyalty can help you to engage, retain and grow your customer base.

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Membership points & rewards

Goodbye fat wallet, one card or app for thousands of merchants.

Step 1

Grab a card or the Gokroy Loyalty app.

Step 2

Touch tablet to check in.

Step 3

Collect points & redeem rewards.

Mobile ordering & payments

Save time, order ahead with Gokroy Loyalty.

Load credit to your membership

Add funds in store or attach a credit card to your membership.

Order before you arrive

Use the Gokroy Loyalty app to order from your phone.

Save time, collect & go

No ordering, no payment, just pickup your order & go.

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